Donald Trump Exposes Mark Zuckerberg’s Mysterious Payments

( After it was revealed that a group associated with Mark Zuckerberg donated $2 million to the Georgia elections board, Donald Trump called for Zuckerberg to be indicted. 

Trump expressed that Zuckerberg committed electoral fraud and the system is fixed.  

Trump’s ire is because the Georgia elections board broke the law by collecting $2 million from a nonprofit with ties to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The organization is called the U.S. Partnership for Election Quality. 

As part of its fight against disinformation, the tech mogul’s social media platform has long been accused by conservatives of silencing right-wing viewpoints. 

The DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections has been accused of a “flagrant and egregious” breach of a statutory restriction on private fundraising, prompting a demand for an inquiry by the Honest Elections Project. 

As a result of allegations that contributors were using their contributions to further a left-wing agenda before the 2020 election, the restriction was enacted. 

Concerns on the right were sparked by the belief that Zuckerberg’s financial support helped the Democrats in the 2020 election. 

The watchdog has requested that an inquiry into the financial gift be initiated, with the state attorney general, secretary of state, and state elections board all being notified. 

Some of the money that came in during the height of the pandemic was used to help states and local governments deal with the outbreak by covering costs like the purchase of ballot drop boxes, voting equipment, extra staff, protective gear for poll workers, and public awareness campaigns about the need to switch to a new voting system. 

The majority of Zuckerberg’s donations went via a non-profit with leftist leanings. 

Several conservative organizations claim that evaluations show a disproportionate amount of funding went to counties that lean Democratic, boosting voter participation there. 

Recent legislation in some states, including Georgia, mandates that the state’s secretary of state disperse all funds donated to municipal election offices. 

During last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, Trump voiced his concern that Zuckerberg’s generosity in funding organizations that assist with election administration was problematic. 

Trump was right again.