Donald Trump Has Launched A “Turnkey” 2024 Operation

( In a recent article from Politico, writers Meredith McGraw and Marc Caputo lay out the case that Donald Trump, though not officially saying he is running in 2024, certainly is taking actions that suggest he has already decided to run.

Citing his adding to his PAC advisors with vast experience in Iowa politics, the accelerated fundraising, multiple media interviews, and his recent attack ads against Joe Biden, the piece argues that despite playing it coy, Trump is behaving like a man gearing up for a Presidential campaign.

The article also cites “associates” of the former President who say the disastrous eight months of Biden’s presidency have “intensified the interest of the former president.”

They quote Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz who said that Trump sees Biden “on the ropes.” But rather than simply be a heckler in the stands, Gaetz explained, Trump “wants to throw punches as a combatant.”

Gaetz believes that it is “more likely than not” the former president will take the plunge – especially if the Republicans retake the House and/or the Senate.

According to the Politico writers, Trump has been privately suggesting to his “associates” that he is, in fact, running in 2024. They also claim that his is “paying attention to the finer details behind the scenes” – including making editing suggestions in the creation of his ads against Biden in order to make them harder hitting.

One person interviewed off the record said that Mr. Trump hasn’t made his decision about 2024, but “we all think he’ll run.” This person explained that Trump wants the organization to be in the position “to where it’s a turnkey operation once he says yes.”

Trump spokesman Jason Miller last week said that Trump’s chances of running are “between 99 and 100 percent.”

Trump’s leadership PAC, however, refused to comment for the Politico piece.

While his political action committees raised over $80 million in the first six months of 2021, campaign finance laws prohibit PAC money from being used by a presidential candidate. Currently these PACs are raising money ostensibly to promote and campaign for Republican candidates in the 2022 Midterm elections.

The Politico article also cites “some aides” who remain hesitant to say whether or not Trump will jump into the race. These aides point out that despite Trump’s public posturing and hints, he is known for publicly flirting with an idea then changing his mind at the very last second.