Donald Trump Reportedly Has “Secret Tapes” In An “Infamous Vault”

Omarosa Manigault Newman claims that the owners of The National Enquirer have a vault where they allegedly store damaging secrets and videos concerning former president Donald Trump.

Newman, a reality TV personality who worked in the Trump administration as director of communications for the Office of Public Affairs, grew increasingly critical of Trump after she left the White House.

On Saturday, she shared her thoughts about Trump being charged with 34 counts of filing false company records. The charges result from an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg into whether or not Trump paid adult film star Stormy Daniels hush money during the 2016 presidential campaign to keep her quiet about allegations of an affair between the two. Trump insists he is innocent and has had no extramarital experiences.

Newman, during her MSNBC interview, claimed that the indictment she read corroborated many of the accusations she heard about Trump while working as an editor for Reality Weekly, which is owned by American Media, Inc. (AMI), the same business that owns The National Enquirer, which has ties to Trump.

She said once she read the indictment, she found that many rumors she had heard while working at the magazine were true. Furthermore, according to Newman, former AMI CEO David Pecker ordered a ” Dylan ” staff member to “capture and suppress” damaging articles about Trump.

Nevertheless, Newman provided no substantive evidence to support this claim.

According to Newman, when you go to the headquarters of AMI, there is a vault that contains damaging information— pictures and videotapes that Pecker keeps safe for Trump and his chief oversaw them.

From January to December 2017, Newman worked in the Trump White House. The Trump administration’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited “other opportunities” as why she resigned. 

Newman was a Democrat before backing Trump in 2016 but has become one of the president’s harshest critics.

She has publicly spoken against him as he is prosecuted in New York.

“It’s high time that Donald Trump faces legal consequences for his alleged wrongdoing. It’s high time he paid the price for his illegal actions, “she explained earlier this month on MSNBC.