Donald Trump Says America Is Heading Towards Communism

( In an interview with Michael Savage this week, former President Donald Trump blasted the corporate news media and the Democrats for moving the country further Left toward communism.

He attacked Biden for permitting an unfettered flood of illegal aliens into the US which has led to rising crime and surging cases of COVID-19 in border states.

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump discussed the importance of states passing voter integrity laws to prevent election fraud, as well as criticizing the corporate media for protecting and shilling for the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party.

Trump continued to play the tease about his plans for 2024 – refusing to confirm whether or not he would run again, but saying his supporters would be happy when he makes his announcement.

Listen HERE.

Joe Biden ran as a “moderate” who scoffed at the idea that he was a radical Leftist. In a campaign stop in Pennsylvania back in August of last year, Biden smugly asked the crowd “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?”

But once in the White House, Biden filled his administration with radical socialists and far Left extremists.

He nominated Kristen Clarke and Vanita Gupta — two “Defund the Police” Leftists — to top positions in his Department of Justice.

His Defense Secretary began vetting the military to root out those with “extremist” (read “pro-Trump”) views. He also required troops to undergo Critical Race training programs.

His nominee for Director of the ATF is an anti-gun radical who wants to ban and confiscate semi-automatic rifles.

And his administration is working with social media to violate Americans’ First Amendment right to Free Speech for going against the White House-preferred narrative on vaccines.

These are not the actions of a President who is a “moderate.”

Biden’s first six months in office have already been more radical than Obama’s entire eight years.

Perhaps Trump is right and Americans are experiencing some voter’s remorse for putting Joe Biden in the White House. Perhaps as a result the Democrats will lose the Midterms. But given how much damage Biden has already done in six short months, imagine how much more damage can be done by November 2022.