Donald Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Has Finally Been Fired

( Trump has formally declared his intention to run for president in 2024 and has filed his FEC.

Trump covered many subjects throughout his announcement speech, and Nancy Pelosi appeared in one of them.

“We’ve taken over Congress,” Trump said in his inaugural address.

“Nancy Pelosi has been fired!”

How appropriate that Pelosi’s firing is announced by President Trump, whose tagline “You’re fired!” skyrocketed ratings for his smash TV program The Apprentice.

Trump would take another potshot at Pelosi by saying, “Nancy Pelosi is currently traveling to another country.”

There is no love lost between Pelosi and Trump. While president, it was reported that the two didn’t speak for nearly a year.

CNN reported in August 2020 that since Pelosi left a meeting after Trump yelled at her and called her a “third-grade politician,” the two had not spoken. Later, according to Pelosi, Trump had a “meltdown.”

Since then, the Speaker of the House has famously torn up Trump’s State of the Union Address after its conclusion. The President has repeatedly dubbed her “crazy Nancy.” The House has impeached Trump, and the President refused to shake her hand at the State of the Union address.

There seems to be a mutual feeling.

Pelosi stated to The New York Times that “this President is the biggest failure in our history.” “There isn’t anyone worse, in my opinion.”

Leaders typically set aside their differences during a crisis. That has not taken place. Even when the number of coronavirus cases in the United States exceeded 5 million, accounting for a fifth of all cases worldwide, the two had not talked.

Republicans have demonized her throughout her career. Tearing up the SOTU address didn’t help, nor did time at another address where she appeared to applaud him in jest.

As Trump would probably say, “she’s such a nasty woman,” a line he used for Hillary Clinton during the debates.

Trump obviously enjoyed saying, “you’re fired,” and getting the last laugh.