Donald Trump’s 2024 Plan Has Democrats Very Worried

( The left is frightened that former President Donald Trump will keep his word and remove unelected bureaucrats working against his government from the D.C. swamp if he wins the presidency in 2024.

Their apprehension can be seen in Jonathan Rauch’s most recent Atlantic article, in which he added to the anti-Conservative rhetoric by stating that “a second Trump administration could result in the extinction of American democracy.”

Rauch lays out a clear path for a more successful Trump presidency for his supporters if one ignores his cautions that “the rule of law, honest vote tallies, and orderly succession” are at risk in a second Trump term.

Viktor Orbán, the conservative leader of Hungary who has won democratic re-election twice since 2010, is frequently criticized by international media, including Rauch, who alleges that Orbán is overseeing a deterioration of democracy in the country.

Rauch acknowledges that Orbán “is not a heavy-handed tyrant” and “he has not conducted a military coup or anointed himself, supreme leader,” yet he also states that under Orbán, the European nation “has gone from democracy to democracy-ish.”

He says Fidesz and his party have rotted Hungarian democracy from within by combining populist rhetoric with machine politics, politicizing media regulation, buying or bankrupting independent media outlets, appointing judges who toe the party line, creating obstacles for opposition parties, and more.

According to Rauch, a second Trump administration will probably be based on Orbán’s authoritarian democracy. He claimed that because Orbán was invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and Fox News star Tucker Carlson broadcast his show from Hungary for a week in 2021, “the MAGA movement has studied Orbán and Fidesz [a Hungarian political party] intently.”

According to Rauch, Trump and his supporters would “emulate Orbán in the American context” using what they have learned from the Hungarian leader.
Rauch wrote that to make things easier, ignore the chance that the 2024 election could be rigged or challenged, and assume that Trump will gain a fair majority of the Electoral College. According to this scenario, he and his followers started the process of transporting Budapest to the Potomac in pieces on January 20, 2025.

Trump supporters have criticized the former president’s staff choices during his first term. They say that Trump never carried out his campaign promise to “clean out the swamp” and that his selections frequently appeared to work against his administration’s policies.

So much for Trump being a tyrant. He didn’t even satisfy the will of his constituency, which is something the leftwing media fails to recognize.

The media will never accept that they are out of step with half the country, ironically calling their legal votes a lurch toward the “end of democracy.”