Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial Ending

( The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is finally coming to an end, with Democrats wrapping up their loose and illogical arguments by asking, “who’s to say it won’t happen again?”

Democrats warned the Senate that voting to acquit the former president of their false “incitement of insurrection” charges could mean that Trump is elected to office again, or that violent riots may occur again.

“If we let it go unanswered who’s to say it won’t happen again?” Rep. Joe Neguse asked.

On Thursday, Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is the lead manager of the impeachment hearing, ended the session by challenging former President Trump’s lawyers to defend him…which they have, and are.

“In trust we hope that the defense will understand the constitutional gravity and solemnity of this trial by focusing like a laser beam on the facts and not return to the constitutional argument that’s already been decided,” Raskin said.

Raskin was referencing the fact that Senators, by way of a partisan, party-led vote, decided that the unconstitutional impeachment trial of a former President was “constitutional.”

Some 45 Republican senators, led by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, have already voted to express their concern about moving ahead with an unconstitutional trial of a private citizen.

Raskin also ended Thursday’s session by reminding the Senate that Trump had chosen not to testify at the hearing. Instead, President Donald Trump has been seen golfing and enjoying himself at his luxurious Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

President Trump also reportedly hosted a Super Bowl watch party as the Democrats doubled down on their claims that he incited an insurrection – the second time the party has attempted to punish the former President through hopeless and meritless impeachment proceedings.

Democrats hope that if Senators find him guilty, it would allow them to stop him from holding office ever again…meaning he couldn’t run again in 2024. However, with dozens of Republican Senators already agreeing that the hearing is unconstitutional, the Senate doesn’t have the numbers to convict President Donald Trump even if the accusations were true.

The FBI walked back claims in late January that violent rioters intended to find and assassinate members of Congress upon entering the Capitol Building. Federal agents also confirmed that the violence began before President Trump concluded his speech on Capitol Hill and that much of the violence was even pre-organized on social media networks Twitter and Facebook.

The second impeachment hearing is very much coming to an end.