Donald Trump’s Latest Book Just Blew His Critics Right Out Of The Water

( Former Governor of New Jersey and failed presidential candidate Chris Christie has a lot to say about former President Donald Trump, but he’s fighting an uphill battle. Book sales show that the American people are still far more interested in listening to the former president than they are in Christie.

Winning Team Publishing, the publishing company set up to publish the former president’s brand-new photograph book that contains images and captions relating to his four years in office, has revealed how more than 100,000 copies of the upcoming book have been sold.

“President Trump continues to break records, the books are literally flying off, and we can’t keep up with demand,” Sergio For, the president of WTP told Breitbart News last week. “Thousands are writing to us asking when we will have more books available.”

Given Trump received more votes than any other sitting president in history, it’s not hard to imagine why people would be lining up to get this new book.

The number of books old by Trump is already 50 times higher than those sold by Christie. His latest book, “Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden” was released two days earlier than Trump’s, and it’s already way behind.

The new Trump book is titled “Our Journey Together,” and is available for order at However, most orders will not be fulfilled until the new year. The book is $74.99 for a hardcover and $229.99 for a signed copy.

Donald Trump Jr. said that some 2,500 copies of the book were sold in five minutes, and around 100,000 in just under 10 days. The book continues to sell.

If Christie runs again in 2024, does he really think he has a chance against Trump?