Dr. Fauci Asked To Quit By Kevin McCarthy

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Over the weekend, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy joined many of his Republican colleagues in calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign.

Appearing on Fox News on Saturday, McCarthy told host Ben Domenech that in light of the explosive revelations contained in Fauci’s emails published by Buzzfeed, Fauci can no longer be trusted.

McCarthy also questioned the Biden Administration’s hasty decision to reinstate the funding for the World Health Organization that President Trump suspended last year.

While Republicans coalesce around removing Fauci, the White House, however, remains steadfast in its support of the embattled lifetime bureaucrat.

On Friday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki if she could imagine any circumstance in which President Biden would fire Fauci.

Psaki’s answer was a terse “No.”

This is not entirely surprising.

The Biden campaign placed a great deal of focus on the importance of Anthony Fauci’s role in a possible Biden Administration. Joe Biden himself repeatedly promoted Fauci as the type of “expert” his possible Administration would listen to.

Firing Fauci would not just reflect badly on Fauci; it would, in many ways, reflect badly on the Biden Administration – calling into question much of its public positioning on COVID response.

In fact, the likelihood that these Republican calls for Fauci to resign have any impact at all, is slim.

The Democrats control both chambers of Congress. They are unlikely to pursue any investigations into Fauci’s involvement in both gain of function research and any possible cover-up surrounding the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As with the Biden Administration, Democrats promoted Fauci – chiefly to damage Donald Trump during the election. And, like the Biden Administration, any investigation into Fauci would blow back on the Democrats as well.

The politicizing of the COVID pandemic and the effort to “debunk” the lab leak theory had one objective for the Democrat Party – to defeat Trump in 2020.

Protecting Fauci and his reputation in the face of growing Republican criticism has far more to do with protecting their own reputations than protecting the reputation of Anthony Fauci.