Dr. Oz Promises To Drop His Turkish Citizenship If He Wins

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The nominal Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate, TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz last week promised that he would renounce his dual Turkish citizenship should he be elected to the Senate.

This announcement was a turnaround for Dr. Oz who initially said he would maintain his Turkish citizenship even if it meant having to forego security clearances in the Senate.

According to the Associated Press, Oz was insisting on keeping his Turkish citizenship because he is responsible for making legal decisions for his ailing mother who still lives in Turkey.

Naturally, Dr. Oz’s decision to keep hold of his Turkish citizenship even if it meant foregoing security clearances set off a controversy in the primary race.

Without naming Dr. Oz, in a press conference last week while campaigning with primary opponent David McCormick, Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan said it was “inconceivable” that someone would decide to forego a security clearance for a job that requires a security clearance.

Sullivan added that maintaining dual citizenship with a Middle Eastern country has never been tested, saying that the US intelligence community has not assessed the matter.

Dr. Oz immediately accused Sullivan of bigotry and said Sullivan’s remarks disqualified McCormick from serving in the Senate.

But as the criticism grew, on Thursday, Dr. Oz released a statement claiming his dual citizenship had “become a distraction in the campaign.” So after discussing it with his family, Oz said he was “committing that before I am sworn in,” he will only be a US citizen.

This seems like a big, red flag.

Like when Joe Biden said during the 2020 campaign that he would only tell Americans his position on court-packing after he won the election.

Who’s to say Dr. Oz will follow through?

David McCormick and Dr. Oz are the top contenders for the Republican Senate primary. In early February, Trafalgar had Oz leading McCormick by 11 points. However, a month later, McCormick made up significant ground. In the Fox News poll from early March, McCormick was 9 points over Dr. Oz, 24 percent to 15 percent in the crowded field of seven candidates.