Election Audit Discovery “Could Tip Election,” Reports Say

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- An incredible report by Dan O’Donnell at The Federalist just revealed that an audit of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin may have revealed that there are sufficient non-legal votes to flip the results of the election in that state.

In the report, O’Donnell revealed that the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which oversaw and administered the elections in the state, was influenced by left-leaning bureaucrats who cannot be held accountable by the electorate. He described how the commission is made of six appointed commissioners, with three from each major party and a staff that reports to them.

If the commissioners are deadlocked on one issue, no official action is taken and local authorities are just left to interpret what the commission expects of them.

“As a result, the overwhelming majority of WEC’s decisions during the 2020 election cycle were essentially made by unelected, unappointed, and obviously left-leaning bureaucrats. Both they and the commissioners who oversee them were downright derelict in their duty to fairly and impartially supervise an election run by city and county clerks and poll workers who were not properly trained and did not receive accurate, lawful guidance,” he described.

An example he offered is Wisconsin statute 6.87(9) which explains how an absentee ballot that has an improper or incomplete certificate or no certificate may be returned to the elector by the clerk.

However, in 2016, guidance was issued by the commission that would allow clerks to “cure” that information rather than giving it back to the elector, a measure that technically breaks the law.

According to auditors, who looked at 14,710 ballots from across the state from areas where the auditors were not allowed to examine ballots. Out of those ballots, some 6.9% – or 1,022 – had “partial witness addresses.” 15 ballots, some 0.1%, didn’t have a witness address at all, and eight ballots – less than 0.1% – didn’t have a witness signature. Three ballots didn’t have a signature from the voter.

Out of this small batch of ballots analyzed, that’s a significant number of non-legal ballots – and if this data can be extrapolated outwards, O’Donnell explained how as many as 135,512 absentee ballots may not have a full witness address. He added that more than 2,000 may not have witnesses’ addresses at all, and over 1,000 may not have had witness signatures. Some 401 ballots may not have a voter signature.

Consider the fact that Biden “won” Wisconsin by just 20,682 votes, and it’s clear that something fishy could have happened here…