Elizabeth Warren Wants HHS To Register People To Vote

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The odious Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra demanding that HHS permit Americans to register to vote when they apply for health insurance through the agency’s Obamacare website.

Warren claimed that Health and Human Service registering voters would make it more likely the poor will register to vote since HHS has regular interactions with Americans who live below the poverty line.

Warren also claimed that low-income voters have an unfair disadvantage when it comes to voting. She said in her letter that the most significant barrier to voting among low-income and “communities of color” is voter registration.

Actually, not being registered to vote is a barrier to voting for anyone not registered to vote.

But of course, Liz has to make it about the poor and “communities of color.”

Her solution is to have HHS register people to vote through HealthCare.gov since the poor and “communities of color” interact with that website annually.

Wouldn’t an HHS voter registration drive by a federal agency violate the Hatch Act, not to mention the Constitution?

In March, the Biden administration issued an executive order calling for each agency head to develop a plan to “promote voter registration and participation.” In her letter, Liz tells Becerra that the leftwing outfits ACLU and Dēmos have offered to give HHS “comprehensive guidance” on how it could promote voter registration on the HealthCare.gov website.

These leftwing organizations are offering to train agency staff on providing “effective voter registration services at your website.”

Unsurprisingly, Congressional lawmakers wrote a letter to the White House in March condemning this executive order, arguing that the initiative violated Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution which guarantees the right of individual states to make and enforce election laws. In addition to several Republicans, Democrat Senators Mazie Hirono and Richard Blumenthal also signed the letter.