Elizabeth Warren Wants To Weaponize SEC To Target Political Opponents

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- On Thursday, far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to engage in yet another politically-motivated investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business dealings.

Even after it was revealed how the former president lost a fortune during his time in office, including $70 million on his Washington, D.C. hotel, the Democrats are obsessed with the idea that Trump is making unfair profits as part of his business activities.

Specifically, Warren called for an investigation into a planned SPAC deal that relates to a new social media platform being promoted by the president.

For those unfamiliar, a “SPAC” deal refers to a “Special Purpose Acquisition Company,” which is a company that doesn’t have any commercial operations and is formed with the sole purpose of raising capital via an initial public offering.

Warren, a Democratic senator for Massachusetts and a failed presidential candidate, wrote a letter to Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, about plans announced last month for Digital World Acquisition Corp. to merge with Trump’s company.

She claims that, as part of the deal, Trump “may have committed securities violations by holding private and undisclosed discussions about the merger as early as May 2021, while omitting this information in SEC filings and other public statements.”

They are obsessed.

The merger took place as part of a deal to create a new social media and news media operation under the Trump name.

Warren claims that the reports about DWAC merging with the Trump Media and Technology Group prove to be a “textbook example of a SPAC misleading shareholders and the public about materially important information.”

It seems as though this far-left senator is just mad about how DWAC shares rose by 1,657% following news of the merger, as people got excited about a new media empire headed by former President Trump.

Will they ever give this stuff up?