Ellen DeGeneres Is Paying Staff $2 Million In Bonuses

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In an exclusive report last week, the New York Post revealed that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been handing out millions in bonuses to her staff.

Ellen’s long-running talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is coming to an end on May 26, and according to a source who spoke to the Post, Ellen and the show’s production company Warner Brothers are working together “to make sure every person” who worked on the show “was taken care of.”

The exact amount of these bonuses has not been disclosed. However, the source told the New York Post it was very important to Ellen that she covers the cost of the bonuses. The source said since the show began in 2003, Ellen “has been incredibly generous” to the people who work for her.

Back in 2020, Ellen came under fire after allegations emerged that she had created a “toxic” culture on the set of her popular program. DeGeneres offered an on-air apology over the claims saying she had not been aware of the alleged problems.

Despite the allegations, Ellen’s staff has remained very loyal to her. According to Deadline, about 30 percent of the production staff have worked for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for more than a decade.

During the course of her final season, Ellen has also been showering her employees with gifts. According to a source who spoke with the Post, back in September, Ellen gave her employees gifts like “trips, watches, cars.”

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers notified Ellen’s staff that their healthcare coverage would remain in place for six months after “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” wraps up production. The company is also providing access to resume-building and networking workshops, according to Deadline.

To give her show a big send-off, Ellen is recruiting a long list of top-name celebrities and personalities to appear on the final episodes, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Zac Efron, Kim Kardashian, and Adam Levine.