Elon Musk Cancels Interview After Media Tries To Attack Him For Upholding Twitter’s Integrity

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, briefly joined a Twitter Spaces discussion in which a reporter questioned him about the reasons for suspending his and other reporters’ accounts.

In response, Musk left the conversation and posted an explanation of what occurred on Twitter.

Reports show Twitter suspended several journalists after Musk revealed they had doxxed him. Doxxing is publishing someone’s private information online, usually with malice. Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, who was present in the Twitter Space hosted by BuzzFeed tech reporter Katie Notopoulos, had one of his accounts suspended.

Despite being suspended, Harwell was able to participate in the Twitter event. This may be because his account was somehow grandfathered into the Spaces feature. Musk made a doxxing claim, which Harwell refuted.

Twitter suspended the account @elonjet, which used publicly accessible data to track the movements of Musk’s private plane.

Musk wrote in a tweet after announcing that he had purchased Twitter in October that his commitment to free speech extends even to not banning the account following his plane, even though that is an immediate risk to his safety.

On Wednesday, he changed his mind and banned both the account and the 20-year-personal old’s account. Musk claimed that legal action would be taken against him, which appeared to be a threat to file a lawsuit.

The billionaire used his minor son as an example.  Musk stated that a man followed the car his son was riding in, slowed it down, and climbed onto the roof. Musk tweeted a picture of a man seated in a car and asked his followers to help him identify the man. The car’s license plate was also shown in the video.

Police were called to the alleged incident in South Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles. No police report of a crime was made that the public is aware of.

Musk claimed in the Twitter Space event that the journalists who were fired on Thursday had doxxed him by posting links to a different website that displayed the movements of his private jet. He charged Harwell with publishing a link to his address.

Far-left journalists don’t report anymore. They are a mob for hire.