Elon Musk Shares Picture Of Chuck Norris Mocking Twitter

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Elon Musk has posted a series of jokes on his Twitter account that make light of Twitter’s legal proceedings against him. On Friday, the wealthiest person in the world decided not to go through with his $44 billion takeover proposal.

However, the social media giant responded by stating that it would bring him before the Delaware Chancery Court. At the Allen & Co Sun Valley Conference, an annual meeting of media and technology leaders in Idaho, the stage was taken by the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. The world’s richest man avoided the topic on Saturday but finally spoke out through the use of memes on Twitter.

One read: ‘They said I couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they wouldn’t disclose bot info.
‘Now they want me to first me to buy Twitter in court. Now they have to disclose bot info in court.’
The post included a meme featuring legendary TV tough guy Chuck Norris. He captioned it ‘Chuckmate.
Musk claims that the company did not respond to his repeated requests for information over the past two months, nor did they obtain his consent before taking actions that would impact the company’s business, such as firing two key executives.

He also claims that the company did not obtain his consent before firing two key executives. Musk requested that Twitter provide evidence that his firm’s spam and bot accounts were not to blame for a decline in advertising income.

According to Musk, the company has “failed or refused” to deliver the essential information necessary for the deal to proceed. In extended trading, shares of Twitter were trading down 6 percent at $34.58, which is 36 percent lower than the price of $54.20 a share that Musk agreed to pay to buy Twitter in April. According to the contract terms, Musk will be responsible for paying a break-up fee of one billion dollars to Twitter in the event that he cannot complete the sale for reasons such as the acquisition finance falling through or authorities banning the deal.