EMBARASSING: Hecklers Shout “You Ain’t Doing Sh*T!” At Chuck Schumer During Press Conference

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Far-left Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was left red-cheeked on Tuesday during a press conference in which he tried to claim the Democrats were “fighting as hard as [they] can to protect Americans.” Hecklers could be heard shouting as he made that claim, with one person exclaiming, “You ain’t doing sh*t!”

…show me the lie.

“Stop lying to the people!” the heckler continued, as another shouted, “Jesus saves! Jesus loves you!”

Don’t we have the best hecklers?

Schumer thanked the heckler before repeating the line that angered the crowd, claiming that the Democrats – the party that recently blocked the next round of coronavirus relief over partisan bickering in Congress – were “fighting for Americans.”

It was during a press conference held outside the Capitol building to discuss the fact that Republicans are moving forward with nominating a new Supreme Court judge to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democrats are actively attempting to stop the Republicans fulfilling their constitutional obligation to appoint and nominate a judge.

“Senate Republicans in this administration have demonstrated they can’t be trusted to protect the American people,” Schumer claimed. “That’s why Senator [Patty] Murray and I introduced the Stop Act to establish essential oversight of the coronavirus response. The bill would create a task force to report to the public when politics are behind COVID response decision rather than Republicans just letting scientists do their work.”

So the Democrats are anti-science now?

Schumer was also embarrassed when a journalist pointed out that if the Democrats hadn’t failed to win the Senate in the last elections, and hadn’t failed to win the presidency in 2016, then they wouldn’t be in the situation where they don’t like the new judge set to be nominated by President Trump on Saturday.

“Isn’t the lesson that Democrats need to win more elections?” a reporter asked.

A tall order, when the Democrats aren’t advocating policies that the American people actually want.