Epstein Lied About Final Phone Call

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- This week, the New York Times published jail records of Jeffrey Epstein’s final days. And according to documents, the night he killed himself, Epstein told jail officials that he wanted to call his mother when he was calling his girlfriend.

The New York Times pieced together what happened the night Epstein died using the documents they obtained. In the evening, a unit manager at the Metropolitan Correctional Center helped Epstein to make a “social” phone call. The manager dialed the number for Epstein then let him speak for fifteen minutes.

The call, however, was not properly logged nor was it recorded. The New York Times could not tell through the documents obtained whether or not anyone monitored the call either.

The unit manager wrote that he asked Epstein whom he was calling and Epstein told him his mother. Though, since Jeffrey Epstein’s mother died in 2004, he would need a medium not a phone to speak with her.

According to three people with knowledge of the phone conversation, the person Epstein called on his last night alive was his 30-year-old girlfriend Karyna Shuliak, whom he helped put through dental school. These sources said that during his talk with Shuliak, Epstein did not indicate that he planned to commit suicide.

The only other “social” phone call Epstein made during his stay was a week earlier, on July 30. And that call was also to Karyna Shuliak.

The New York Times reported that Ms. Shuliak is one of the largest beneficiaries of the several trusts Epstein set up over the years. However, Shuliak declined to comment on the Times’ story.

Once he finished the phone call, Epstein returned to his cell which he had to himself as no new cellmate had been assigned to him. He was also left unmonitored by the two officers on duty at the time. Those two officers later entered into a deferred prosecution agreement after being charged with falsifying jail records on the night of Epstein’s suicide. Prosecutors claimed the two spent their time surfing the internet and napping.

The following morning, Epstein was found with a bedsheet tied around his neck, and he was pronounced dead around 7:30 am.