Epstein “Operative” Let Off The Hook Despite Evidence

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Everyone who cares about justice in the United States should be alarmed and worried about this.

According to new reports, it would appear that all of the other “associates” of the rich pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, excluding Ghislaine Maxwell, have entirely disappeared. Sarah Kellen is the name of one of the individuals that are purportedly associated with this organization. She is in New York, but the authorities have, for some reason, chosen not to investigate further.

Everyone is familiar with the name Ghislaine Maxwell. She has been found guilty and will now serve her sentence in jail. However, where is every one of Jeffrey Epstein’s other agents?

During the lengthy trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, which lasted about four weeks, a person known as “Sarah Kellen” was brought up many times as a potential witness. And yet, she continues to be unfettered in the world!

According to a number of different sources, Kellen assisted Epstein in his efforts to recruit young women and even arranged his trips to target victims.

During the trial, victims have even named Kellen as one of Epstein’s collaborators in his conspiracy to prey on youngsters. A judge concurred.

Multiple witnesses testified that Kellen and Maxwell performed comparable roles in Epstein’s sex-trafficking conspiracy during the trial. She began working in the Epstein office complex on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2002. One of Epstein’s private pilots said that she served as Epstein and Maxwell’s personal assistant.

She planned trips on Epstein’s planes and made arrangements for his victims to travel with him. Witnesses said that Kellen also arranged “massages” — up to three a day — where Epstein would rape his victims. One of the trial’s victims, Carolyn, said that at least once, Kellen had taken nude pictures of her before a sexualized massage treatment with Epstein for which she had been paid hundreds of dollars.

Despite this, she’s still going free. And the reason for this is not entirely apparent.

There are still traces of Sarah Kellen around the world. Many sources have stated that she was seen in Manhattan at some point. There are even pictures.

According to the article published in the Daily Mail, “she and her husband reside in a multi-million dollar penthouse in the prestigious SoHo neighborhood, and they also own a condominium in Miami that is worth millions.

Law enforcement is aware of her whereabouts, but local officials are disinterested.