Eric Swalwell Used Campaign Funds For Personal Fine Dining And Limos

( Remember Rep. Eric Swalwell? He may have disappeared from the news recently – probably to avoid reminding people that he had a romantic relationship with a Chinese spy – but he is still very much an elected member of Congress and still the Co-Chair of the House Democratic Steering Committee.

And according to recent reports, he also spent over $30,000 in campaign foods on dining at luxury hotels, having alcohol delivered to him, and traveling in luxury limousines.

The shocking report came from Fox News after Federal Election Commission records were published.

The documents also showed that Swalwell spent more than $20,000 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. That’s shocking enough, but the fact that his wife has been a director of sales at the Ritz-Carlton since February 2015 suggests that this might have been a case of Swalwell enjoying a luxury stay on campaign money while also giving his wife some bonus points at work for pulling in tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

The documents broke down Swalwell’s excessive spending in great detail, explaining how he spent $566 on “food and beverage” through Drizly, an alcohol delivery service. He also spent over $7,000 in luxury Washington, D.C. restaurants, and around $4,400 at two wineries in California on the same day. The bill was listed as “refreshments” and “catering.”

For some reason, Swalwell even spent hundreds of dollars of campaign money at a company named “1-800-FLOWERS.”

Who was he buying flowers for? Another Chinese spy girlfriend?

Following the “Fang Fang” Chinese spy scandal, Republicans urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pull Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee, but Pelosi refused to do it. Since then, Swalwell has been revealed to have been spending huge sums of money on luxuries. Not only is the recent Fox News story very telling, he was also revealed recently to have enjoyed an $84,621.59 trip to the Persian Gulf in March 2020 which was paid for by the United States-Qatar Business Council.

It seems as though Swalwell is one of the most protected members of Congress in history…