Even Kamala Harris Supporters Are Worried About Her

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has always had her detractors, but now even some of her staunchest supporters are worried about her future.

A Los Angeles Times article recently detailed various supporters of the vice president don’t believe she has a bright future in politics. The paper spoke with Susan Giffen, for example, a Democrat who lives in Pennsylvania.

She said Harris would make a good president, but she doesn’t believe that will ever come true. When point blank asked if Harris would be president one day, she responded:

“Absolutely not. I’d vote for her. But I don’t think she can win. And I wouldn’t vote for her in a primary.”

Among the reasons for her doubt in Harris’ presidential prospects is sexism that’s still rampant in the country, plus the fact that President Joe Biden has sent her on assignments that have only made her look back.

Many people have put huge expectations on Harris, who is not only the first woman vice president but is also the first Black woman who’s of South Asian ancestry.

Harris ran in the Democratic primary for president leading up to the 2020 election but lost out to Biden in the end. When she was named his vice president running mate, many believed that it would just be the first step on her eventual ascent to the presidency.

But, many of those same people who had confidence in her and hope for her not long ago have soured on those prospects already.

One of the main challenges Harris faces, according to the LA Times article, is that there’s a perception that she doesn’t play a central role in the Biden administration. People also believe that she doesn’t display the deference that’s necessary of a vice president.

There’s also the fact that she didn’t engender herself to many voters when she was running for president herself. In fact, she often attacked Biden when they were running against each other — saying he isn’t fit for the White House and his stances wouldn’t go over well.

Then, when she lost out, she eagerly jumped on the opportunity to be vice president. But, that’s not what many Democratic voters want to see — someone who so easily flip-flops just for an opportunity.

Recent polls have shown that Harris is doing much worse than three out of her last four predecessors at this point in their tenures. The only one she’s polling better than, former Vice President Mike Pence, she’s only doing slightly better than.

The average polls show that 49% of all voters view Harris in a negative light, and only 43% view her positively. Those numbers put her roughly 10 percentage points worse than how Biden himself polls.

The Democratic Party is betting big on Harris’ success and her future as a potential leader of the party. They go as far as promoting the Biden-Harris administration often.

But, it doesn’t seem that’s resonating much with voters thus far, even some of her biggest supporters.