Facebook Bans Australian Member Of Parliament For Speaking Out

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)-  Facebook’s silencing practices don’t just apply to American politicians. Australian government officials are subject to them, too.

This week, Facebook banned a page on its social media site that was run by MP Craig Kelly, a member of the Australian Parliament. That page had more than 100,000 followers.

The page posted messages that were critical of Australia’s lockdown practices during the pandemic.

Kelly is an independent politician in Australia, and has gained a following by challenging the lockdown policies imposed by the Australian government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia has been instituting some of the strictest lockdown policies in the world.

Kelly is also a member for the Division of Hughes in the Australian House of Representatives. He used to be a member of the Liberal Party, but quit after the government allegedly told him to “shut up” about his claims regarding COVID-19. They also told him to stop posting about the issue any more.

Kelly, though, refused to do so. He quit the Liberal Party and continued to post his messages online, even after Facebook handed down a temporary suspension.

The MP challenged the legal standing of Australia’s lockdowns and the efficacy of them as well. He even raised concerns over the side effects of some of the COVID-19 vaccines. In addition, he questioned the legitimacy of the guidelines handed down from the World Health Organization.

That ultimately led him to be permanently banned from the social media platform. Facebook notified him of the permanent ban, telling him he violated their policy of spreading misinformation.

But, as Kelly argues:

“Firstly, they refused to tell me what they say is misinformation … I stand 100% by everything I’ve posted. It’s not my random thoughts. It’s backed up by scientific evidence.”

In addition, Kelly said he’s “absolutely outraged” over how a “foreign entity” such as Facebook even has the power to silence an elected official in another country. In response, he’s working on a bill in Australia that would fine Big Tech firms $100,000 per day if they ban people unfairly over “political speech.”

Facebook tried to justify their decision by saying in a statement:

“We don’t allow anyone, including elected officials, to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm of [misinformation regarding] COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts.”

This much is obvious. Facebook has been on a rampage recently, banning politicians — almost all from the right — who have questioned anything regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Mention that you don’t agree with vaccines, and Facebook will declare that you’re spreading misinformation.

What they fail to understand, though, is there isn’t an across-the-board standard for anything regarding the pandemic just yet. It’s too new, and even if some scientists say one thing is good, others are saying be wary of certain aspects.

Kelly seems to just have been saying that, while at the same time criticizing his government’s handling of the pandemic.

What’s wrong with that?