Facebook Changes Its Newsfeed

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- If you thought Facebook was already extremely restrictive in the type of content it allows you to share, then get ready to be amazed. Facebook is about to do even more to silence you.

On Wednesday, the social media giant published new “Content Distribution Guidelines,” a list of guidelines for the company that dictate the kind of content that will be automatically demoted or even hidden by Facebook algorithms, meaning fewer people will see certain posts less in their News Feed.

Facebook’s Community Guidelines, which dictate what users can and cannot do on the platform, have been public since the beginning. However, the Content Distribution Guidelines have long been hidden. But that’s about to change, in an effort to improve “transparency.”

If they think censoring people but being more upfront about it is going to settle anger about Facebook’s bias, they should think again.

Nick Clegg, former British Deputy Prime minister and currently Facebook’s Vice President of. Global Affairs, published a blog post about this back in March in which he suggested that the CDGs could soon go public. The piece, titled “You and the Algorithm: It Takes Two to Tango,” hinted that they would eventually be released.

Clegg said that “other measures” coming this year would including providing greater transparency to users about “how the distribution of problematic content is reduced.”

“Problematic,” he says. As if he’s the moral arbiter and authority on what content is good and bad.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that the CDGs “outline some of the types of content that receive a reduced distribution in News Feed” and that as the new guidelines continue to be developed, Facebook will be more transparent about how they “define and treat problematic or low-quality content.”

In other words, Facebook will continue to silence conservatives – and will probably silence even more conservative content – but might be a little more honest about it.

You can read the full announcement here.