Facebook Faux Whistleblower Fears The “Metaverse”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Frances Haugen, the phony Facebook whistleblower, is on a European tour “testifying” before different government legislatures demanding that the state take control of social media to stamp out free speech. And on Tuesday, she took a break from her “whistleblowing” to tell the Associated Press that the world should be afraid of Mark Zuckerberg’s creepy “metaverse.”

As if we need a phony whistleblower to tell us that.

Everybody’s favorite Facebook Karen warned that Zuckerberg’s creepy vision will force people to surrender more of their personal information. Plus, it will be addictive. Though, not as addictive as unearned fame. And worse, it will expand Zuckerberg’s monopoly of the Internet.

Haugen also accused Zuckerberg of recklessly rushing the creation of his “metaverse” in order to have something to distract the public from Facebook’s current legal troubles.

Haugen told the AP that because the development of this “metaverse” is being rushed and errors are being made, Zuckerberg is placing profits ahead of safety.

In short, Haugen didn’t reveal anything that even the most uninformed people couldn’t already noodle out for themselves. Not much of a whistleblower, is she? Usually “whistleblowers” are insiders who have the knowledge, information, and experience the average Joe doesn’t. But even an average Joe could figure out that Zuckerberg’s creepy “metaverse” has so many red flags it looks like a Soviet military parade.

But once someone gets worldwide media attention, it’s hard to resist the temptation to weigh in on the blazingly obvious.

As independent journalist Glenn Greenwald explained last month, Frances Haugen isn’t a “whistleblower” so much as she is a useful tool to the political class. Whether on this side of the Atlantic or the other, politicians don’t want to break up Facebook and limit its power over the internet. Instead, they want to “commandeer” Facebook’s power for their own purposes. And Frances Haugen’s “whistleblowing” is providing them the pretense to do it.

Is Facebook a menace? Yes.

Will Zuckerberg’s “metaverse” be a menace? Most definitely.

But most people can figure that out without the help of the media’s latest glory hound.