Facebook Headquarters Surrounded By Free Speech Protesters

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A handful of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine activists staged a small protest outside of Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, California last week and nobody seemed to notice.

Among the dozen or so people gathered outside was a little-known gubernatorial candidate, Reinette Senum, who is challenging California Governor Gavin Newsom on an “anti-corruption platform.”

Anti-lockdown pastor Rob McCoy from Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California was also present at the protest. McCoy, who kept his church open throughout the pandemic, said he attended the Facebook protest to keep the activism spirit alive.

During the event, McCoy accused Facebook of manipulating the election and being responsible for the death of children. He also praised anti-vaccine activists Robert F. Kennedy and Judy Mikovits.

The protesters objected to Facebook’s censorship of those critical of the COVID vaccines, including one woman named Breanne Dressen, who claimed to be a victim of the AstraZeneca vaccine trials. At the protest, Dressen claimed she knew people who committed suicide after getting vaccinated and blamed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for their deaths.

Another protestor representing Children’s Health Defense demanded that censorship be stopped and urged people to come together and stand against it.

While the protest over Facebook censorship failed to make the news, it was live-streamed on Facebook, which is a little ironic.

The ten-minute video is also available (for the time being) on YouTube.