Fake News Media WON’T STOP LYING About Trump’s Google Claims

(TheLibertyRevolution.com) – During a recent press conference, President Donald Trump announced that social media and tech giant Google would be building a website to help Americans gain access to coronavirus testing. In the speech, Trump praised the Google engineers working on the project for doing so quickly and efficiently.

Almost immediately, the left-wing press pounced and claimed fake news. Their point of contention was simply that the president had claimed Google was working on the project when the truth was that it was a firm under the same umbrella company as Google, known as Alphabet. The company working on the project is in fact called Verily, and while it’s a separate company to Google, the fake news outlets who said the president was lying failed to recognize two things.

First of all, most people consider Alphabet and Google to be the same things. The companies only diverged in 2015.

Secondly, while Verily is working on the project, Google engineers are tied up in the project and volunteering the time.

When the media used this to claim the president lied, Trump fought back.

“I don’t know where the press got their Fake News…but as you know, this is from Google. They put out a release. You guys can figure it out yourselves,” the president said in a conference over the weekend.

The president’s statements were true. Google engineers are working on an app that will help people gain access to coronavirus treatment. Not only that, but the president praised engineers in a move that could help unify and reassure the American people that the experts are doing everything possible to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic.

But no. The press used it as a chance to divide the nation.

Co-founder of Democratic Coalition, Scott Dworkin, doubled down and called the president a liar on Twitter.

Washington Post tech journalist Tony Romm jumped on it, too.

Here’s the thing. Journalists found a minor technicality that makes the president’s claims true, and the journalists’ claims true.

Wouldn’t you think that in a time of crisis they’d be pleased to see the president praising American innovators for the hard work they do?

The fake news media is disgraceful!