Famous TV Star Defines A Woman

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A well-known British TV show host did not mince words in response to the recent uproar around the transgender movement.

The seventy-seven-year-old Anne Robinson is best known as the show host of the British game show “The Weakest Link” and its American equivalent “Weakest Link USA” from 2000 to 2012. She was interviewed by a British news outlet when she made her frank remarks.

Robinson stated that a woman is someone who has a vagina. And that she was appalled by the lack of safety in women’s locker rooms, swimming pools, and similar places. She claimed the most interesting fact is how few trans people have had their bodies medically changed. Therefore there are actual men in women’s changing rooms, she explained.

Robinson voiced worry about parents sending their unhappy children to a gender clinic at a young age, believing that their child was born into the incorrect body. How could the parent be sure it’s what the child wants and not just a whim, she explained to the reporter.

According to the report, Anne Robinson suggested obese women should not be on television. And that it helps if older women look decent so that people will be excited to see them. She claimed we should not start putting obese women in their seventies with terrible hair on television.

She then referred to Oprah Winfrey, who has struggled with her weight. Robinson joked that viewers turned on the television to see if Winfrey was in her fat or skinny stage. Robinson concluded that Oprah is better fat than slim since she seems irritable when she’s hungry.

The interview then focused on Meghan Markle’s complaint that a member of the British royal family had made a disparaging remark about her bi-racial son Archie’s skin color.
Anne Robinson noted that her grandchildren are one-eighth Chinese, and she wouldn’t have thought it was in the least bit odd or insulting for someone to wonder how Chinese their features will appear.

Acknowledging that her bluntness offends some people, Robinson claimed one couldn’t be as opinionated and self-satisfied as she is without people – especially women – thinking you’re very annoying.

As Mother Theresa said, “Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.”