Fauci Buddy Caught On Tape Blasting Trump In Private

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In an exclusive report last week, the Daily Wire revealed that it obtained leaked audio recording of former National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins mocking the unvaccinated, bashing former President Trump, and defending the use of aborted fetal tissue in research.

The audio is from a private event held at the University of Chicago in October 2021 that was hosted by Russell Moore from Christianity Today for the Institute of Politics, a left-wing organization founded by former Obama advisor David Axelrod. The purpose was to address vaccine resistance specifically among evangelical Christians.

During his talk, Collins claimed that the federal government does have the authority to force people to get vaccinated “if there is an outbreak that is threatening people.” He argued that “it’s just not about you;” it’s about the people who will get infected by you.

The mandates, Collins explained, would convince people to get vaccinated “especially if it means losing your job.”

Collins found it amusing that forcing people into getting the vaccine by threatening their job works, adding that it makes him feel like “their resistance was not maybe quite that deeply seated.”

During his talk, Collins, who long claimed that he was non-political, blamed former President Trump for the COVID deaths early on in the pandemic. However, he had no such blame for Joe Biden, even though more people died from COVID during his presidency than died during Trump’s.

Collins also claimed Trump’s failures during COVID were the reason Trump tried to shift the blame to him and Dr. Anthony Fauci which Collins said damaged their reputations.

Calling Trump “self-involved and misguided,” Collins said, “great harm was done to the country.” He claimed under Trump, hundreds of thousands of Americans died who shouldn’t have.

Collins, who claimed to be a “confessing Christian,” also defended his support for the NIH-funded experiments involving harvesting body parts from full-term babies and grafting infant scalps onto lab rates. While he wouldn’t say whether or not he was pro-abortion, Collins told the audience that aborted fetal tissue is valuable in scientific research and it’s a shame to let it go to waste.