“Fauci” Movie Gets Worst Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score In History

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- It was reported in late September that, despite premiering in select cities two weeks earlier, the box office receipts for National Geographic’s fawning “documentary” “Fauci” were being kept hidden from the press.

Not one of the sites that tracks ticket sales or earnings data was reporting how “Fauci” was doing at the box office – not Rotten Tomatoes, not IMDB.com, not BoxOfficeMojo.com, not Boxoffice Pro. None of them would say how the movie was doing at the box office.

Just the News contacted both National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures to get some answers, but neither would respond. So they contacted Shawn Robbins, the chief analyst from Boxoffice Pro, who told the outlet that withholding box office earnings is “incredibly uncommon” especially for a major studio release.

At the time, Rotten Tomatoes, which gives both reviewer scores and audience scores for films, recorded no audience score at all for the “Fauci” flop.

Well now, after Disney+ aired the film, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score was published, and let’s just say, while reviewers LOVED it, actual human beings do not.

“Fauci” had an audience score of just 2 percent – making the nauseating hagiography the lowest audience score in the history of Rotten Tomatoes.

Reviewers, on the other hand, gave the movie 91 percent.

And what does that tell you?

As Jesse Kelly always says, the System protects its own.

Over at the Internet Movie Database website, “Fauci” was getting such horrendous ratings, IMDB changed its metric to “weighted average” in order to make “Fauci” look better. The “weighted” average stands at 5.8 stars out of ten.

Yeah, no.

Of the ratings (measured from 1 to 10 stars), 90.7 percent are 1-star ratings. Digging into the details, among US audiences, “Fauci” rates an unweighted average of 1.4 stars. Among non-US audiences, it averages 1.3 stars.

You can see why IMDB “weighted” the average.

It’s National Geographic’s dumb luck that by the time they got their fawning film out there, America was already sick and tired of Anthony Fauci.