FBI Conducts Raid On Home

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Last Wednesday, residents in a western neighborhood of Champaign, Illinois reported hearing loud pops “like gunshots” around 6:00 am in what appeared to be a raid on a house in the area.

However, as of Thursday, it remained unclear why the house was targeted or what investigation the raid was related to.

A representative with the FBI field office in Springfield wouldn’t offer any details, refusing to say if investigators were conducting a search warrant, arrest warrant, or both. The spokeswoman only said if agents were there, “they obviously found something.”

Local reporters from WCIA, Target 3 News went to the house and attempted to speak with the resident, but nobody answered the door. However, the crew did see that the front door had been damaged by a blunt object, presumably from police battering the door open. The screen door had also been pulled from its hinges and was laying alongside the porch.

Reporters also spoke with nearby residents who said they never met the people living at the house.

WCIA obtained video footage taken by area residents who witness last Wednesday’s raid. According to the video footage provided, an armored police vehicle with a battering ram knocked down part of the fence surrounding the house. Law enforcement wearing helmets and heavy gear then entered the house. One witness photo of the scene reveals at least three people seated on the back of the police truck with their hands behind their backs.

A spokesperson from the US Attorney’s office for the Central District of Illinois neither confirmed nor denied the existence of any related investigation involving the raided address.

WCIA also searched the national federal court database to find a case linked to the address but found no federal charges had been filed anywhere in Illinois during the week leading up to the raid. A search of local jails holding federal inmates from Champaign County showed that no one had been booked on either Wednesday or Thursday.

WCIA conceded that it is possible that Wednesday’s raid could relate to criminal activity from outside of the state.