FBI Director Defends Silencing Americans With Censorship 

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a Tuesday Fox News Channel interview that the bureau informs social media companies about information that they have about foreign disinformation campaigns by foreign actors, by foreign intelligence. Wray’s statement concerns whether the bureau should flag social media accounts over politics or government policies. 

Bret Baier, the show’s host, questioned Wray about what the FBI told the big tech about the authenticity and providence of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Baier noted to Wray that there are Twitter files that have come out where some big tech people have referred to Hunter Biden’s laptop as “disinformation.”  

“What about that from the FBI’s perspective?” Baier asked. 

Wray said he was “pleased” Baier asked that question because there appears to be an “awful lot of uncertainty” and crucial context missing. He wanted to clear up when the FBI does and does not interact with social media firms.  

He said the FBI’s duty as a law enforcement and intelligence agency is to collaborate with social media platforms to counteract illegal activity, such as underage pornography, chatter amongst terrorists, and foreign intelligence “influence operations” aimed at the United States.  

Wray said when the FBI does that work, engaging with social media companies, if they come across information where a specific hostile foreign intelligence service is using an American social media platform to conduct their operations, they have a responsibility to say something, to tell those companies what they’ve seen so that those companies can independently make their own decisions about what step, if any, they want to take on their platforms fending off foreign intelligence operations. 

Baier rightly interjected, saying that these folks were given a specific heads-up that this major stuff is about to come out that deals with Hunter Biden and be cautious because it might be Russian misinformation. 

Wray stammered, “So, we don’t, I think a lot of people don’t completely get this, we don’t, when we do that job, concentrate on the content, what we focus on are the foreign actors.” 

The FBI chief said the FBI does not and does not want to play the role of the truth police. He said it is not their policy to instruct social media platforms to suppress any content. 

Baier interjected that the Twitter files imply something different. Twitter staff, in this instance, looked for grounds to ban or suspend accounts that the FBI requested be banned or suspended many times. The files Taibbi posted prove as much.  

The FBI head was lying.