FBI Hired Man To Set Up And Bring Down Trump

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Shocking reports reveal how the FBI hired a known drug addict to set up President Donald Trump and allies of the Trump administration.

According to the John Solomon of “Just The News,” documents released in February relating to one of the spies hired by the FBI to discredit Donald Trump and his campaign team in 2016 was Stefan Halper, an American foreign policy specialist and former drug addict who served in the Nixon, Reagan, and Ford administrations.

Halper reportedly agreed to become a spy for the FBI, or a “confidential human source” as they like to call it. He was tasked with recording contacts between numerous members of the Trump campaign team to assist with the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Since the end of the Mueller Russia probe, the world has learned that there was no evidence the then-candidate Trump colluded with Russia in any way.

“The memos show that the FBI instructed Halper in August 2016 not to focus on Papadopoulos first, but rather on Page, whom the FBI described as an “opportune target.” Papadopoulos was given the code name Crossfire Typhoon (CT), while Page was given the codename Crossfire Dragon (CD) in the memos,” Solomon writes.

One report from the FBI dates August 24, 2016, said that the “main goal of the operation is to have CD admit that he has direct knowledge of and is either helping coordinate or assisting the RF [Russian Federation] conduct an active measure campaign with the ‘Trump Team.’”

Smoking gun, right?

The previously confidential reports show that Halper offered evidence to the FBI which included transcripts of conversations recorded between Trump advisors. They also show that the claims by FBI Director Chris Wray that the FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign are false.

The FBI under the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign to assist in creating a false narrative that the 45th President only won the election because he worked with Russia.

The memos, which are available here, document the extensive efforts by Halper between 2016 and 2017 to discover evidence of a secretive plot to somehow use Russian agents to win the election. He found none.

He was one of the two primary informants used by the FBI in the Crossfire Hurricane operation and has yet to offer any comments on the shocking revelations.