FBI Was Deployed To Dig Where They Thought Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Was

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- After a worker from a landfill in New Jersey made a confession on his deathbed that he buried the body of Jimmy Hoffa, once the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, at the landfill, FBI agents attended the location and began searching for the remains.

The landfill employee told members of his family that he buried the body of the famous American labor union leader, who disappeared from the parking lot of a Detroit restaurant in 1975, in a steel drum underneath the Jersey City landfill.

It prompted FBI agents to attend the site with a search warrant and begin looking for the steel drum.

The FBI also confirmed to the press that it had searched the property on October 25 and 26, but didn’t mention the name Hoffa or any additional details about the case.

Hoffa’s disappearance prompted a huge search operation and was “presumed dead” seven years later. It remains unclear how Hoffa died – or was killed – and law enforcement officers have questioned a large number of former union leaders, mob bosses, and others.

It is unclear how long the search of the landfill will continue or if it has already ended, but it hardly seems likely that after several decades, a steel drum underneath tons of garbage will be discovered…

But who knows?