FBI Was Really Searching For THESE Documents…

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The FBI raid that took place at Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago was allegedly concerning classified documents that related to the Russia hoax, reported Newsmax. Former Department of Defense chief of staff Kash Patel told Newsmax earlier this week that the president was looking to release those documents to the public.

“I know this from my time running ‘Russiagate’ for [former Rep.] Devin Nunes, and I know we keep going back to it, but I’m trying to bring people back to it because this is what the Mar-a-Lago raid was about,” said Patel, who was chosen to work with Trump on the documents that the National Archives wanted.

Patel’s interview with Newsmax comes after a Washignton Post opinion piece described him as Trump’s “point man” combatting the deep state, writing that he “has emerged as a chief public exponent of Trump’s claim that he could declassify information, including highly sensitive Russia-probe material, at will.”

Patel said that he and former Representative David Nunes had released 60% of the Russiagate documents to the public but have still not yet released 40% because the FBI would come after them. But Trump allegedly said that the documents contained no threat to national security, and he was going to declassify them, as well as “everything related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation along with other things because what they do is they show the FBI and DOJ corruption.”

The FBI’s raid was a result of these documents, Patel alleges, because now they have the opportunity to say that there is an ongoing investigation, and nothing can be seen. The Department of Justice wants to charge the former president with a crime, but Patel has doubts whether they will or not.

The raid reportedly helps Trump’s chances of winning, although Patel does not think Trump will announce before the midterms. “But you know, he’s pretty fired up about all of this stuff and, you know, maybe this coincides with the way America is trending right now,” said Nunes.