FBI Worked To Keep Alleged Conspiracist In Violent Group Headed For Split

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In the ongoing trial in the alleged “plot” to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, it was revealed that FBI agent Christopher Long had his informant keep the alleged group of plotters together when they were on the verge of breaking apart.

Ah, okay. So the so-called “plotters” were losing interest in the so-called “plot” to kidnap Whitmer, so the FBI had an informant step in and keep the group from breaking up.

Sounds a bit like entrapment, doesn’t it?

One of the so-called plotters, defendant Barry Croft, was looking to walk away from the group, so Agent Long wanted his informant to stop that from happening. The other so-called plotters wanted Croft gone because they allegedly believed his involvement would only lead to violence.

In messages between Long and his informant, Jennifer Plunk, Long encouraged her to help “solve the differences” between Croft and the other members of this so-called plot. He wanted Plunk to make the case that the group should press on with its plan by convincing the other guys that Croft’s ideas were good.

Croft’s attorney, Joshua Blanchard, who is arguing the FBI entrapped his client, asked Agent Long why he tried so hard to keep Croft involved if the group thought letting Croft go would decrease the likelihood of violence.

Long explained that if Croft left the group, it would make him harder to monitor and increase the likelihood of a “lone wolf attack.” He disputed the claim that only Croft was violent, saying “the entire group was violent.”

He went on to explain that Croft was worried about being shut out of the group and argued that if Croft left the group, his informant Plunk would have a hard time getting close to him again if she continued to side with the other so-called “plotters.”

Later on Thursday, FBI special agent Mark Schweers also took the stand. Posing as a “like-minded” militiaman named Mark Woods, Schweers initially made contact with the group through co-defendant Adam Fox.

Schweers, who made multiple recordings of Fox and the other defendants, testified that Fox detailed plans to take lawmakers hostage to “restore constitutional government” while hanging out and smoking pot.

Croft and Fox are two of four defendants in the trial. The other “coconspirators” are Brandon Caserta and Daniel Harris. Two other men, Kaleb Franks and Ty Garbin had already pleaded guilty.