FDA Asked To Release Private Covid Data They’ve Been Hiding

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Two months after the Centers for Disease Control acknowledged that it had purposely hidden much of its COVID-19 data with a view to preventing people from being discouraged from taking the vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration is now under pressure to release its latest safety and efficacy data for the vaccine and other therapeutics.

You know they’re not going to want to do it.

Republican legislators are behind the latest push to ensure the CDC is transparent about what it knows about the virus and the vaccine.

Florida Republican legislator, Rep. Bill Posey, wrote to Commissioner Robert Califf and slammed the fact that the FDA’s data has “remained behind an FDA firewall for more than 18 months” as “appalling.”

The letter was signed by nine other House Republicans and sent on April 11. Among those who signed the letter was Alabama’s Rep. Mo Brooks, who also sponsored a bill that would defund all vaccine mandates across the country.

House. Republicans are now pushing on the agency to “immediate” release all of its safety and efficacy data for the vaccines, as well as therapeutic drugs.

It would mean that, for the first time since the pandemic began, the American people will finally know whether vaccines are better than therapeutics…and we can probably take a good guess at what the answer is.

“The @US_FDA should immediately release all efficacy and safety data on all COVID “vaccines” and other COVID products that have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization or FDA Approval,” Massie said in an April 11 tweet.

His tweet was accompanied by a copy of the letter sent to the FDA.

What do you think – will the FDA comply? Or may the data mysteriously go missing?