FDA Warns Against Wearing Masks With Metal After Patient Is Burned During MRI

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A hospital patient wearing a face mask that included a small metal part was burned recently while undergoing an MRA exam, resulting in a warning from the Food and Drug Administration against using certain face coverings while in the machines.

On Tuesday, the FDA issued an urgent alert.

“The FDA received an injury report for a patient who was wearing a face mask with metal during a 3 Tesla MRI scan of the neck,” the alert explained. “The report describes burns to the patient’s face consistent with the shape of the face mask.”

It’s easy to forget, but many of the face masks worn to protect against the spread of COVID-19 include small metal fittings around the nose and sometimes where the ear straps meet the fabric.

The FDA warned patients not to wear any metal while undergoing MRI scans, and to ensure that any face masks worn are made entirely of fabric or non-metallic materials.

“Given the increased use of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA wants patients and health care providers to be aware of the potential risk of face burns related to the use of patient face masks containing metal during an MRI,” the warning continued.

Metal interferes with the very strong magnetic field generated by MRI machines. That’s why patients are always asked to remove jewellery and clothing that contain metal before going through the machines.

Over the years there have been many incidents involving patients wearing metal, with reports describing how oxygen tanks have hit a patient in the head, and even a brain aneurysm clip coming dislodged while going through the machine. The magnetic field can cause metal not just to move, but to heat up and cause serious burns.

The FDA added that patients should wear a mask before, during, and after an MRI exam while they are in the hospital, owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Before the MRI begins, health care providers who perform MRI exams should confirm the face mask has no metal,” the rather obvious warning continued.

“Some face masks have metal strips to help shape the mask to the face of the user, nanoparticles, or antimicrobial coating, which may contain metal (for example, silver or copper),’” it continued.

It’s just another thing we have to remember now that we live in the “new normal”!