Fed Appoints Someone To Be In Charge Of “Racial Equity”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The Treasury has gone full-on woke, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announcing that the department has hired the first-ever “Counselor for Racial Equity” on Monday last week. Janis Bowdler will be the first-ever Treasury Department official to oversee efforts by the federal government to ensure that all people, of all races, have the exact same financial outcome.

Well, that’s what equity means, isn’t it?

In a press release from the department, Bowdler was said to be “charged with coordinating Treasury’s efforts to advance racial equity including engaging with diverse communities throughout the country and to identify and mitigate barriers to accessing benefits and opportunities with the Department.”

Bowdler previously worked as the President of the JPMorgan Chase & Co Foundation, and during her time at the organization she was praised for launching initiatives that expanded the capital available for “entrepreneurs of color.”

This is what we’re dealing with, now. A federal government obsessed with race and equitable outcomes, rather than equality of opportunity.

Bowdler said she couldn’t be more humbled by the “historic opportunity” to serve as the first-ever Counsellor for Racial Equity, and added that she has spent her whole career “working in solidarity with Black, Latinx, AAPI, Native communities” and “other communities of color.”

What does AAPI mean? And has any Latin person ever referred to themselves as “Latinx”?

What, exactly, Bowdler will do with her new power remains unclear – but one thing we do know is that if former President Donald Trump runs in 2024 and wins, she’ll be out of a job again.