Feds Blow Whistle On Biden’s Press Secretary

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, suggested Monday that illegal immigrants are not just strolling through the country’s southern border. Agents of the border patrol claimed she could not be more mistaken.

During the Monday news briefing, Jean-Pierre questioned whether the Biden administration’s vaccination regulations conflicted with the fact that illegal immigrants could enter the country.

Peter Doocy, White House Correspondent for Fox News, said, “Someone comes over on a plane without vaccinations. You say that’s not okay. If someone enters Texas or Arizona unvaccinated, are they permitted to stay? Why?”

Jean-Pierre retorted, “But that’s not how it works.

Doocy confirmed this is precisely what is occurring at the southern border, and Jean-Pierre reaffirmed her denial.

It’s not like someone just “walks over,” she argued.

Fox News obtained footage that showed people crossing the border illegally, and the publication also spoke with several Border Patrol officials who refuted Jean’s assertions.

One agent remarked that there were only two possible explanations for what she said: either she was foolish or lying blatantly in the hopes that we Americans would fall for it.

According to 18 USC 1001, making false representations to the US government with knowledge is a criminal offense. Unfortunately, the government is not held to the same standards as the populace, presuming [Jean-Pierre] is not simply a liar rather than stupid.

A second agent stated, “She is completely oblivious to the reality of all the video footage or just repeating Mayorkas’ deluded fiction. “This government must think that Americans are fools like their friends in the mainstream media.”

Other agents thought Jean-Pierre might not have been lying on purpose. Instead, they claimed that she was most likely simply unaware of the situation at the border.

One agent told Fox News, “Wow.” “It surprises me how many completely uneducated people are in positions of power.”

Over 500,000 illegal immigrants are believed to have eluded law enforcement during the current fiscal year, which started on October 1, 2021, according to Department of Homeland Security sources, according to a second piece published by Fox News.

All of the Border Patrol officers cited in the Fox News article concurred that Jean-assertion Pierre’s that no one just walks across the border was utterly wrong, regardless of whether they thought he was lying on purpose or was simply unaware of the facts.