Feds Catch IRS Employees Splurging On COVID Relief Funds

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Four current and one former IRS employees allegedly submitted fraudulent loan applications to receive COVID money through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program using the money they stole to purchase luxury items like cars, jewelry, travel, and spa services.

Government spending watchdog OpenTheBooks.com reported that the IRS employees were approved for a combined $418,125, with one of them alone managing to steal a staggering $171,400.

The Justice Department has charged Memphis residents Brian Saulsberry, 46, Roderick DeMarco White II, 27, and Tina Humes, 56. The other two IRS employees charged were Courtney Quinshe Westmoreland, 38 of Cordova, Tennessee, and Fatina Hewitt, 35, of Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Brian Saulsberry was far and away the most successful of the lot, managing to get $171,400 in COVID loans which he then used to purchase a Mercedes.

Fatina Hewitt obtained $28,900 in loans which she spent on Gucci clothing and a trip to Vegas.

Roderick White took his $66,000 and purchased an array of personal items including a Gucci bag.

Tina Humes used her $123,612 taxpayer-funded haul to treat herself to expensive jewelry and trips to Vegas.

Meanwhile, Courtney Quinshe Westmoreland wasn’t as successful at hoodwinking the SBA. She only stole $11,000 from fraudulent pandemic loans through multiple PPP and EIDL applications supposedly for an apparel business. And by “apparel business,” Courtney meant buying luxury apparel for herself while enjoying manicures and massages.

To make up for getting so little from federal taxpayers, Courtney Westmoreland also submitted fraudulent unemployment insurance benefit applications with the Tennessee Department of Labor while she was working full-time for the IRS. In total, Courtney snagged over $16,000 in unemployment benefits.

In addition to facing charges, the con artists are also being investigated by both the IRS and SBA offices of the Inspector General.

Aren’t you glad Congress just added another 87,000 IRS agents to make sure everyone is paying their “fair share?”