Feds Exposed After Damning UFO Report Comes Out, So Many Failures Found

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- According to the Pentagon, while U.S. assets have never crashed with anything the military classifies as an unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP), collisions have nearly occurred in about a dozen instances.

When questioned by Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., to certify that there had never been any accidents, Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence Scott Bray confirmed this before a House Intelligence Committee hearing on UFOs.
According to reports, the Deputy Director testified that they had at least eleven close calls but no collisions…yet.

Rep.Krishnamoorthi then inquired if the United States had ever detected any communication signals from these objects, to which Bray replied that they had not. However, Bray verified that the US had never attempted to speak with them.

Video reports show Rep. Krishnamoorthi asking Bray if they issue warnings that say ‘this is the United States, identify yourself,’  or do they let the UAP know if they’re on the same flight path or anything along those lines.
Bray responded, saying they do not. He added that the objects seemed to be unmanned and may or may not be in controlled flight.  A video of such an event was shown to House lawmakers earlier in the session.
Bray also stated that the US has never fired a shot at any of the objects.

The congressman then inquired of the Deputy Director as to whether the United States had ever discovered wreckage that they were unable to identify. Something that wasn’t explainable or something that would look as if it were of Earthly origin. According to reports, Bray responded that UAPs are not necessarily physical things.  But they might be sensory abnormalities or weather occurrences. However, he knows with certainty that many of them are tangible objects.

The hearing was the first of its sort in 50 years, and it was open to the public. Officials have published declassified photographs and videos of UFOs, including a shaky film of a tiny object zipping past a military aircraft.
Another video showed bright glowing triangles in the night sky.

Perhaps in another fifty years, we will get more information out of The Pentagon.