Fiery Explosion After Semi-Truck Crashes

( A fiery explosion ensued when an 18-wheeler flew off an overpass in Allen, Texas after colliding with another vehicle, according to Daily Mail. A video captured the incident when the truck rammed through the overpass barrier, hit the ground and erupted into flames, killing the 71-year-old driver, Gustavo Gomez.

The accident backed up traffic for miles on the highway and the Texas Department of Transportation said that they were at the scene investigating.

After the accident, a USPS employee was seen taking photos and making phone calls. Gomez was not an employee himself but was contracted by the USPS to deliver letters and packages, as they could be seen spilled out from the truck after the crash. Gomez had been driving for 21 years and has five kids, according to his wife, Helen Torres, who has called him “very witty” and a “great driver.”

“He was a truck driver, what can I say, he really appreciated a good, working car. He’s gone, there’s no coming back from that,” she said. “We’re broken right now. We’re lost. He was supposed to come home.”

Torres said that her husband experienced bad burns because of the accident, but that she needed to know what caused it. “I don’t believe my husband was at fault at all because my husband was very careful, he knew what he was driving,” she said. “He knew that was a big machine.”
USPS released a statement after the accident, saying that it “involved a contractor who transports mail for the Postal Service. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.”
The driver of the vehicle that collided into Gomez’s truck was reportedly uninjured and was seen at the scene cooperating with Allen police.