Firebomb Attack Comes From Inside Mosque

( On Wednesday, Israel Police detained seven Palestinians for hurling Molotov cocktails from within the al-Aqsa mosque, which is considered one of Islam’s holiest sites.
The police action took place amid continuous tensions as Jewish tourists entered the Temple Mount area for the final time before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan concluded on Friday.
The Jordanian Islamic Waqf is in charge of administering the site, which is the holiest place in Judaism since it is the site of the biblical Temples. It is the third most sacred site in Islam.
To the best of the Waqf’s knowledge, Jewish visitors are permitted to visit the site but prohibited from praying. They are not even allowed to pray under their breath, prostrate, or engage in any other religious rites. On Wednesday, three Jewish men were jailed for attempting to pray in the mosque.
Until the completion of Ramadan, Jews are prohibited from entering fully starting on Thursday.
During the previous week of Passover, violent skirmishes erupted as Palestinian rioters sought to prevent Jews from rising to the location of the Seder meal. Palestinians are seen slapping Jewish worshipers in the head as they make their way to the synagogue.
“With our souls and blood, we will redeem you, O Aqsa,” Palestinians shouted. They also yelled other slogans in favor of Hamas– “with our souls and blood, we will redeem you, O Aqsa.”
Rioters also hurled stones at public buses, shattering windows and injuring people.
On Wednesday, police officers were attacked with rocks and firebombs launched from within the mosque, according to reports.
Some of the firebombs exploded inside the mosque, causing flames to erupt.
Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that the violence endangers worshipers seeking to enter the mosque and impedes police operations to protect freedom of worship at the location.
In addition, the report said that the Molotov Cocktails caused flames that were fortunately extinguished before more extensive damage was done.
Hamas has also stated that terrorist organizations headquartered in Gaza are prepared to retaliate against any “violations” of the al Aksa mosque.
According to a Hamas spokeswoman, it was stressed during their meeting that they must continue to be prepared and strengthen the national preparedness. “We’ve got our finger on the trigger,” the spox said.
Ismail Haniyeh, the chairman of Hamas, has called on Muslims to swarm the Temple Mount on Friday.
The Israel Foreign Ministry, in a tweet, said that an unruly group of rioters desecrated the Al-Aqsa Shrine again this morning, this time flinging stones and Molotov Cocktails from within the mosque. Worshipers seeking to enter the mosque are put at risk, and police efforts to safeguard freedom of worship at the site are hampered due to the violence.