Fired CNN Host Preparing to Sue Over Termination

( After CNN terminated host Chris Cuomo last weekend, it was reported that Cuomo is preparing to sue the network if it refuses to pay him at least $18 million to cover the remainder of his current contract.

Cuomo has hired lawyers and is preparing to file suit over the remainder of the four-year contract he signed just last year. Cuomo was reportedly being paid $6 million a year, which leaves between $18 million and $20 million remaining under his contract. But the lawsuit may seek more than that since Cuomo is likely to seek damages as well.

If Cuomo is hoping CNN settles out of court, he may be disappointed.

According to an unnamed CNN source who spoke with the New York Post, CNN has “no intention” of paying Chris Cuomo one red cent. According to the source, there would be an uproar if the network settled with the disgraced host.

Another source told the Post that CNN’s contract contains a “standard morality clause” which stipulates that an employee will be fired immediately if “the employee does anything of disrepute.”

If that’s the case, how in the world did Jeffrey Toobin manage to keep his job at CNN after getting caught masturbating during a Zoom meeting with his colleagues?

Cuomo was initially suspended by CNN after information released by New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into former Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed that brother Chris had worked with the governor’s team to discredit his accusers. He was fired four days later after CNN conducted an investigation that turned up allegations of Chris’ own sexual misconduct.

A spokesman for the embattled younger Cuomo claimed the sexual allegations against him were untrue and CNN President Jeff Zucker knew all along that Chris was working to discredit his brother’s accusers.

In response, CNN blasted Cuomo and called his accusations “patently false.” In a statement, the network said Cuomo’s false claims only reinforced CNN’s decision to terminate him, arguing that Cuomo violated CNN’s standards and practices and lacked candor.

One CNN insider who spoke to the New York Post said if Jeff Zucker had known all along that Chris Cuomo was trying to help discredit his brother’s accusers, Cuomo would have been fired long ago.