Fired FBI Official Responds To Shooter Video

( Andrew McCabe, disgraced former Deputy Director of the FBI and current “law enforcement analyst” for CNN, is doing his part to advance the narrative that only the Right engages in politically-motivated violence.

Appearing on CNN to discuss Attorney General Merrick Garland’s announcement on the DOJ’s new strategy to “combat domestic extremism,” McCabe made the outlandish claim that the FBI still doesn’t know what motivated the congressional baseball shooter James Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson was the Bernie Sanders supporter whose social media was filled to brimming with attacks against Republicans. In one Facebook post, Hodgkinson referred to Republicans as “The Taliban of the USA.” In another, he posted “Trump is a Traitor, Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

And yet. With a straight face the former Number Two at the Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed the FBI “never really uncovered the sort of detailed evidence that laid out a specific plot or an objective.”

Either Andrew McCabe is a craven liar, or the FBI are deeply stupid. Or both.

After the shooting, the FBI found a list of six congressmen Hodgkinson kept in a rented Alexandria, Virginia storage locker. At the time this evidence was discovered, the Feds refused to reveal the names or political affiliations of the congressmen listed, and flatly refused to describe it as a “hit list.”

Though the FBI never publicly released their conclusions on the shooting, when the agency briefed Congress several months afterward, the FBI told them it was a “suicide by cop.”

Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), who was present on the baseball field that day, revealed that bit of nonsense during an April House Intelligence Committee hearing with FBI director Christopher Wray.

Wenstrup confronted Wrap over the outrageous label saying, “You want suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop,” adding that “it doesn’t take 136 rounds. It takes one bullet.”

McCabe doesn’t really believe that James Hodgkinson’s motives are a mystery. He’s lying.

The coordinated effort on the part of the Justice Department to downplay Leftist violence is by design. It is all part and parcel to the Biden Administration’s ongoing efforts to paint the Democrat Party’s political opponents as “traitors” and “domestic terrorists.”

An effort James Hodgkinson would approve of wholeheartedly.