Foreign Policy Expert Says Iranian Attack Is Coming Soon 

( In an op-ed last week, UK Telegraph defense editor Con Coughlin warned that Iran may be preparing to attack the West and urged Great Britain and the West to “rethink” how they approach Tehran. 

Citing experts who have warned that Iran could have enough nuclear material for two warheads within weeks, Coughlin said the West must “give serious consideration” to how it deals with the threat Iran poses to security. 

In addition to nuclear weapons, Iran has also been developing ballistic missiles capable of striking targets in Europe, Coughlin writes. He warns that Iranian leaders are exploiting the West’s belief that the key to peace is through dialogue with so-called moderates in Tehran. 

But according to Coughlin, while the West seeks dialogue, Iran continues to make “significant advances” in its development of nuclear weapons, prompting Tehran to take a more “aggressive stance” in its relations with the West. 

Coughlin notes that recent assessments found that uranium particles discovered at Iran’s Fordow plant were enriched to 83.7 percent purity. The enrichment level for making nuclear weapons is 90 percent. 

According to Coughlin, the discovery that Iran is close to making nuclear-grade uranium should put to rest any notion of reviving the flawed nuclear deal with Tehran. 

Coughlin claims that Iran supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine is clear evidence of Tehran’s desire to “intensify its confrontation” with the West. 

Further evidence that Iran has altered its approach to the West is that it has increased its terror activities in Europe. 

Coughlin cites the recent incident in which Iranian hit squads were sent to silence critics of Tehran in London which forced a prominent Iranian dissident channel to move to Washington D.C. 

According to Coughlin, the fact that UK authorities were unable to adequately protect the dissident channel is a “worrying indication” of the UK security services’ “poor state of preparedness” in dealing with Tehran’s “nefarious activities.”