Fox Host Says Biden’s Decisions Have FinallY Come Back To Haunt Him

( It’s only been a hundred days, and already President Biden’s decisions have come back to haunt him.

That’s the message Fox News’ Jesse Watters had for viewers on Saturday night. Watters started out by calling the often MIA president already “politically wounded.” And after admitting we can’t know if the mistakes he’s made are really his own, or the result of decisions being made for him, the results are clear. “Buckle up,” Watters says.

Biden’s first mistake came when he “kneecapped the recovery” with an unprecedented labor shortage brought on by loads of free money in unemployment and stimulus payments. Out of “seven million job openings…only about 250,000 people took a job.” Yikes.

The real truth, Watters explains, is that we simply can’t make it more profitable to sit at home than to work. People are smart, and they’ll take the best deal they can get. And they should!

That leads to the next problem—inflation. When you pump trillions into the economy with trillions more you’d like to add, that raises prices. And the real purchasing power of the dollar in your wallet goes down. Without real accompanying economic growth, that extra paper is worth less and less.

Inflation touches everything, including, as Watters points out, gas prices. While coastal elites are the most insulated against rising gas prices, they affect regular Americans in the heart of the country most harshly. “Since Biden’s election, prices have gone up $1.00 a gallon in some states, $.50 nationally,” Watters says. And that’s just the beginning.

Biden has already declared “war on oil and gas,” whether it’s cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, or banning fracking on federal lands—something he promised he’d do on the campaign trail, and then promised he wouldn’t—to “telling the energy companies they’re going to be out of business in 30 years when he gets rid of fossil fuels.”

Watters points out that gas never hit $3 during Trump’s term in office, but already prices are hovering right around that mark. That’s all in the wake of the Russian cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, in which President Biden seems downright ill-equipped to respond.

But hey, it’s just the first one hundred days. Keep calling a lid at one in the afternoon. It’s all downhill from here!