Fox Host Says U.S. Is Issuing Warnings About Russia To Distract From Durham Probe

( In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” to preview her upcoming “Sunday Morning Futures,” host Maria Bartiromo asked if the White House and the news media are exaggerating the threat of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine in part to distract from the explosive revelations from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Russian collusion hoax.

Bartiromo said Durham’s investigation confirms what we’ve known all along, that Hillary Clinton “made the whole thing up” to damage former President Trump’s reputation. She said the public should be outraged because both the government and the media “failed you.”

What’s more, Bartiromo said she hoped former President Trump would sue the media for the damage they did to his reputation during his four years in office. She blasted the Clinton campaign for enabling her “to take down a political enemy and damage his reputation.”

Then Bartiromo turned her attention to the crisis in Ukraine, telling Pete Hegseth that the White House spent the weekend claiming Vladimir Putin would begin the invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, February 16.

She asked if it was possible that the invasion talk might all be a “ruse” the White House is using to distract from the 40-year high inflation and the Durham investigation.

Watch the segment HERE.