Fox News’ Dana Perino Breaks Down On Camera

( Fox News anchor Dana Perino broke down on her show on Thursday after interviewing Cassandra Tanner Miller, a survivor of domestic violence who shared the story of how her estranged husband abused her and killed their child.

On America’s Newsroom, Perino broke down in tears as Illinois resident Tanner Miller described how her husband, who was out on an ‘I-bond’ bail, shot her 18-month-old son.

Perino finished up a report about the decision from Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker to end cash bail for detainees awaiting trials, and moved on to the interview to learn how people out on bond often pose a danger to those around her.

Tanner Miller described how her estranged husband Christopher Michael Miller, while out on bond in September 2019, broke into her Joliet home. He was facing trial for three counts of aggravated felony battery, but was for some reason considered eligible for bond.

She explained how an I-bond is a form of bond that does not require cash payment, and that she was horrifically beaten by her husband before he pulled out a gun and shot their child ten times. He then shot himself.

Tanner Miller’s nine-year-old daughter, Camryn, was also at home at the time.

“I went into my kitchen and my estranged husband was standing at my back door,” she said.

“He said, ‘are you all ready to die?’” she continued. “He began punching me, beating me, strangling me over and over again…”

She explained how she yelled to her daughter to get her son and to run and “don’t stop for anything,” but before she could, her husband dragged her to the front of the stairs on the second floor and stopped her daughter from leaving the property.

“After he thought he killed me, he walked up the stairs pulled out a gun and asked my daughter if she was having fun yet,” she explained.

Her young son Colton was then shot dead, and he attempted to throw Camryn over the railing. Thankfully, Tanner Miller was able to crawl up the stairs and distract him while her daughter escaped.

Perino was visibly shaken by the story but asked Tanner Miller about a meeting she recently had with Governor Pritzer before he decided to end cash bail. Miller said she “made a plea to him prior to him signing the bill” and asked him to hold off and think of the victims.

“He made a promise. This is the problem with the justice system as a whole, it’s that people who are in power make promises, giving us false hope that things will get changed, only to let us down and put us in more harm’s way,” she added.

The Democratic governor might have thought he could get away with eliminating cash bail by pushing it as a progressive policy, but after that interview, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever live it down.