Fox News Declares Election “Disaster”

( As election results came in during a debate on the midterm elections, conservative Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen became pretty upset.

Republican candidates hoped a “red wave” would bring them a landslide victory. Instead, the party appeared set to barely win the House while needing to wait to determine the control of the Senate.

When Republican Sen. Pat Toomey decided not to seek reelection, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman defeated Mehmet Oz and won the seat, according to Fox News presenter Bret Baier.

A stroke derailed Fetterman in May, but since then, he has been making slow progress. His triumph may ultimately determine the Senate’s majority party. In October, Fetterman and Oz engaged in only one debate.

“Would this race have altered if the debate on October 25 had occurred on September 30?” inquired Baier.

Given the nation’s difficulties, Thiessen hesitatingly said, “I don’t know how the Republicans could underperform so terribly.” He said the outcome is difficult to process.

Thiessen wasn’t sure. He said it could have, or perhaps it wouldn’t have.

He said the real wages collapsed by the most in 40 years, the crime wave was the worst since the 1990s, and the border crisis was the worst in American history. Inflation was the worst in four decades. Since presidential polling began, Joe Biden has had the lowest approval rating of any president since Harry Truman, and there hasn’t been a “red wave.”

George W. Bush’s former speechwriter was forthright.

That is an egregious indictment of the Republican Party, he declared.

He said this is a damning criticism of the right’s message to the voters. All of that and the Republican option have been examined, and they have rejected both. To put it another way, the Republican Party must take a long, hard look in the mirror because “this is a complete disaster for them, and they need to go back.”

Joe Biden seems to be a simpleton that somehow slips through the cracks and succeeds despite himself. He may be so pathetic he gets sympathy votes.